Time and Tide 

This past week has been a bit unfocused… After much discussion with John about the pros and cons between money, and happiness, I decided to not be a stay at home fur kid mom and return to the cafe. Luckily the cafe crew welcomed me back enthusiastically with open arms.. I need to be with people, I have the type of personality that is best expressed interacting with folks. The customers were beyond excited to have me back and that gave me a sense of pride in what I do for them and a feeling of belonging. My dreams of working from home are not completely dashed I simply was not happy with the work I was doing…                 

 We have been working so hard making the Florida home inviting, cozy and beautiful. Thinking about I just spent a couple years doing the same thing to the cabin in Maine I believe I am done on the house ownership, two is enough! But how blessed are we to have a home in Maine and Florida which we can visit whenever we want to? Both homes of which I love and feel peace at, but I will forever be a Mainer! Returning there very shortly actually and looking forward to it! I have found parts of myself here on this Florida journey that I never knew existed. It’s been one of personal growth, gain of self confidence, love, and a few extra pounds around the belly. Florida was a chance that, looking back, would have been an immense loss in my life had I not taken it. It was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. My only loss in this journey was constant physical contact with my family and though that crushed me to the ground on some days, we are all trying to adjust. I miss the kids….                  

On an even heavier note, one of most cherished friends lost her daughter this past week, car accident. Beautiful 17 year old child, life hadn’t even begun for this young lady and to have it end so early, raises so many questions in my mind and soul. So many questions, I’ve always had a deep well of them but as I get older the depth gets deeper and deeper. Not being able to run to my friend with open arms having been so far away at the time, was indescribable. I am a caregiver, a fixer, nurturer by nature when someone I love is in pain. To not be near Beth, during the darkest moment of her life, was a very helpless feeling. Godspeed Neve and may your mom and family find peace, in time.. You are not gone, but simply waiting for the reunion! 

I hope you all live the way you want and need to to be happy, please take care of your health, I wish I had, be humble, all the wealth in the world cannot change your character if you are truly humble.. Be kind, you have no idea what anyone is going through.. 

When customers are rude to me I want to ask them why? But the reality is, they have to answer to much higher than myself, for how they conduct themselves here on earth.. 

Much love going out this week to all that need it… 


One thought on “Time and Tide 

  1. Very well said – I feel what you feel when you write . Love and Prayers to your friends and may they find peace .


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