Dead Ends

  Reading and hearing a lot of friends down on their luck. I hear a lot “it’s a dead end” referencing different aspects of their troubles.   I have come to a lot of dead end roads myself, I drive right on through because exciting things are over there yonder and I want to see them, you gotta think around the end of the road. There is something on the other side. Swat your path through the trees and thorn bushes, you will always find a river. Follow that river down stream and you will find light. 

  For every problem there is a solution, if there weren’t God would not have put the problem in your path. Your problem is there it’s God trying to help you help yourself. Your problem either makes you stronger, smarter, and to be making thought out choices. If you have a life obstacle then whatever it takes to remove it, is what you currently DON’T have. He wants you to get what you need to live a happy life. God wants you to dig deep find your balls and acquire the skills needed to get through, away, or around this obstacle. 

  Believe in yourself you can do it, I don’t care if you have five bucks in your pocket. If you put positive energy out to those around it will come back to you and give you what you need. The tricky part is knowing your way out when you see it. That’s what God wants for you. 

Find your dead end sign and mow that thing down!

Be kind

Hold a door for someone

Smile more

Be honest

Don’t gossip 

Do more than what’s expected of you

Respect others they have been chosen to be in your life for a reason or a lesson

Repetitive bad choices are nothing more than you not trying to take the hard road

Take the hard road, nothing good comes from the easy one 

Better yourself by using your mind, common sense, and grit

Dig deep

Ask for help 

Work hard 

Do for others 

And stay the course… Don’t look back don’t turn back, you aren’t going that way..

You got this, I promise…


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