I’m a 43 year old and counting, childless women, who has lived her entire life in Maine, Downeast Maine more specifically, until recently moving to the swamps of Florida, following my soul mate into the heat, bugs, gators and snakes, all in the name of love.. 

Downeast Maine is a special place all unto itself. The landscape is some of the most beautiful Atlantic ocean coastline you will find anywhere on the eastern seaboard, if not THE most beautiful. Its filled with hard working folks, old salt dogs and stories of man, myth and legend. I have a little cabin there, built on the land my grandfather owned and reared me on for 40 years. It’s my sanctuary.

 I’m an ole tattooed biker chick (who rides her own) and I love the woods the ocean and everything outdoors in between. I hunt and fish, refinish furniture and the greatest self satisfaction is making people laugh.