My First Blog

Well, this is it. Here I am blogging. Why you ask? I’m not really sure, it could be because I have so many thoughts in my head that I wanted some sort of mental relief for my many Facebook fans, friends and family, by establishing myself so millions could hear what’s knocking around in my deranged mind. Or, it could be because all of those people (not the millions) have peer pressured me into this adventure, for which they claim, I was born to write. I believe I was born to talk, a lot, but they insist this is the path I was meant to be on. I believe this leap of faith will end one of two ways, possibly with fame and fortune, entertaining the masses with my quick witted humor and somewhat faulted perception of the world, or more likely, that it will end in an epic smoke mushroom such as that of the first atomic bomb and a huge bill for services rendered because I didn’t read the fine print or more likely I did and didn’t understand it, thus ignoring it and continuing with my unsupervised trip into the world wide web… Regardless of the outcome, I receive some sort of inner satisfaction from entertaining others with my sarcastic, monumentally humorous story telling and above all, making people laugh. When folks tell you relentlessly that your words are just what they needed to hear, or your story turned around an otherwise ruined day, or they tune in religiously just to see what you have said that day, you kinda have to listen to that. What if, what if there was something to this? Maybe, just maybe there IS a way to enable a smile to travel to the far reaches of the earth, all originating from my own mind. I don’t know about you, but that’s mind blowing, I’m sitting here and have myself convinced my blog will change the world! It won’t, maybe make a few people laugh. Possibly get a few people to look at things in a different light, but more assuredly, there will be twice as many people who think I am bat shit crazy than currently exist. Which, is pretty much everyone that knows me. I carry the title well, with pride and honor and I will uphold my duties and graciously continue to make folks shake their heads, snort coffee through their nose, love me, and hate me. Let the games begin!